Laura Dunphy

I’m an intuitive photographer who started my professional career as a photojournalist. I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in 2004, where I studied the technical aspects of still photography and digital imaging. Although a mostly instinctive photographer in a technical school, I learned to hone my skills as an artist as well as a practical photographer.

My work can be found in private collections throughout California and Denver, CO. My work has been displayed at the Kennedy Art Gallery in Sacramento, California, the Phantom Art Gallery in Milpitas, California, Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California and the Gynecology & Women's Health Care offices in San Mateo, California. I’ve worked on projects such as BRA Day, a day to celebrate women who have survived and thrived after breast cancer.

I don't know about you but my journey has been a rocky one. Full of disappointment, doubt and way too many different jobs for one human being, and JOY beyond JOY. I should say, I am neither irresponsible nor do I take my work lightly. But sometimes a square peg does not fit in a circle. It Has taken me a bit to figure that one out. But anyway, life, work, fun, doubt, distraction (the voices in my head)...who said that! I kid...Needless to say I started my college and career journey later in life. But that has given me the insight and wisdom, (to take meds) jk and live my life the way I want and to strive to be the very best person and photographer I can be. I hope you will enjoy my work/life journey.